Grilles are a functional component of every swimming pool. We manufacture all types of pool grilles, available in PVC, ABS, polypropylene, polyethylene or stainless steel. Please find below a snapshot of the common types of grilles we manufacture:

  • Inlet grilles
  • Sump outlet grilles
  • Vac points
  • Feature/flume suction grilles
  • Water feature grilles
  • “Shark” grilles for wave chambers
  • Skimmer boxes
  • Anti-vortex grilles
  • Sparge pipes


Of course we have many designs and styles available in our portfolio, but we can also manufacture bespoke to suit any project. The options are endless with our design and production department. Where required, we can 3D model the component and can provide samples where required, to assist with the selection process.

All our grilles are designed, manufactured and tested to the latest British Standards and Health and Safety guidelines. Clearly there are a lot of existing swimming pools around the country with existing grilles, which may not conform to these standards and design guidelines. We offer a service to survey and replace the grilles in existing swimming pools, without disruption to pool usage, using our commercial diving division.