Leisure Waters

waves, rides and features...making water fun

Making water Fun....

There is no limitation to the variety of water features, air features, rides and slides that can be created. We can provide all leisure water technology from simple water jets to fully themed world class water parks.

We will take your vision, your business plan and of course your budget and make it a reality. The key to success with leisure water is providing variety and interactivity, targeted at specific age ranges. You want your customers to return to your pool again and again, so the leisure waters need to be fun and fresh with the latest innovative experiences. Future-proofing the features also means they can be enhanced in future to rejuvenate your offering.

Our network of manufacturers for leisure water features and rides bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

To help our customer define their vision, we’ve categorised leisure water products into 3 categories. This is just a snapshot of options:

Level 1 - Confidence features

Finger jets
Fan sprays
Bubble rings
Bubble seats
Arch Sprays
Neck massagers

Level 2 - Enhanced features

Play structures
Tipping buckets
Children slides
Rain sprays
Shower curtains
Jumping jets
Air loungers

Level 3 - Rides, Slides and Attractions

Flumes and rides
Wave machines
Pirate ships
Giant tipping buckets
Lazy rivers
Rapid rivers
Pool theming
Surf machines

Ride Partner - Van Egdom (Netherlands)

Features Partner - Vortex International


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Victoria Leisure Centre

25m, 6-lane pool, learner pool and children’s splash area. FT provided Water treatment and filtration systems and a range of Level 2 water features in the splash area.

East Riding Leisure Bridlington

25 metre, 8 lane swimming pool, a 13m x 7m learner pool with moveable floor, a freeform pool with water features and a Splash Zone with two interactive water slides

Water treatment and filtration systems

Huddersfield Leisure Centre

25-metre, 8 lane competition pool, a multi-activity teaching pool with a full moveable floor system, a beach area leisure pool with multiple interactive water features and river ride, a spa pool, a children’s pool with themed animal features, a GRP flume and an exciting ‘Sidewinder’ ride

Water treatment, water features, flume hydraulics, moveable floor and disabled access systems