UV Maintenance

Achieve ultimate water clarity

Ultra-violet technology has advanced substantially in the last 10 years and is now commonplace in most public
swimming pool water treatment plants.

UV nullifies bacteria in your pool water, providing a safe bathing experience. Once installed, it is imperative that the
UV system operates at optimum intensity; regular servicing is therefore required by specialists.

F T Leisure offers a comprehensive service and maintenance programme for your UV systems. We would generally attend site every 6 months (or in line with your lamp life, which varies between manufacturers).

The following procedures would be carried out at each visit:

1. Lamp replacement (where required)

2. Remove and clean UV strainer

3. Strip and replace wipers and seals

4. Clean or replace Quartz (where required)

5. Recalibrate wipers and monitors

6. Replace control panel filters

7. Recommission system

ATG UV Technology

Approved installer and service contractor

Hanovia UV Technology

Approved installer and service contractor

Prominent Fluid Control

Approved installer and service contractor

There when you need us...

The industry guidance is for specialists to carry out the above servicing twice per annum. That’s the minimum ideally. If you don’t have the resources to look after your plant in-between preventative maintenance visits, we can tailor your contract to include more services. Just tell us what you need.

A few benefits of a service contract with F T Leisure:

  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Discounted parts and consumables
  • Technical support
  • Repairs and refurbishment services