Chemical Maintenance

Perfect water quality

Perfect Water Quality

Most of an operator's time managing a swimming pool is spent working on water balance. Trying to achieve perfect water quality, by monitoring, controlling, testing and adjusting the parameters for the pool chemistry. For success, good quality chemical dosing and control equipment is required and of course, it need regular maintenance to remain efficient.

F T Leisure offers you a comprehensive chemical dosing and control equipment service. We can maintain, replace and refurbish all chemical equipment, from any recognised manufacturer.

With our design expertise, we also can review and advise on your chemical dosing strategy, to ensure compliance with the latest HSE regulations, design guidance and best industry practice.

Skilled Field Engineers

Chemistry is a complicated subject matter. We cannot afford to send engineers to one of our client’s sites, without the pre-requisite training on chemistry and chemical dosing equipment.

We operate a structured training programme for our field service engineers. Their skills are developed over a period of time, to identify and solve any problem. Whilst each engineer has a specific field of expertise, they generally require an all round knowledge of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and chemical engineering functions, to be able to operate in this industry.

In addition to the engineering skills, it’s important that all of our engineers are up to speed on the latest COSHH regulations and general health and safety practices. They are trained to advise on how to avoid hazards and how to react to an emergency.

There when you need us...

The industry guidance is for specialists to carry out the above servicing twice per annum. That’s the minimum ideally. If you don’t have the resources to look after your plant in-between preventative maintenance visits, we can tailor your contract to include more services. Just tell us what you need.

A few benefits of a service contract with F T Leisure:

  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Discounted parts and consumables
  • Technical support
  • Repairs and refurbishment services