Filtration Maintenance

The key to water quality...

Effective filtration, is the primary mechanism for ensuring water clarity. An effective filtration system including coagulation will also remove more than 90% of Cryptosporidium oocysts when water containing oocysts is passed through the filter bed. It is an important function as these oocysts are much more resistant to disinfection than bacteria and viruses.

Operators have to ensure that the filtration system is always running efficiently and effectively. This requires, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and bi-annual service procedures. Depending on your resources, we can offer any of these services. Let's start with the basics...

Filter Media

Your media is working 24/7 to remove particulate. Over time, it’s efficiency decreases. We will inspect and can laboratory test your media to monitor it’s performance.

Filter Lining

Mild steel filters generally have an epoxy or rubber lining, protecting the steel. Erosion of this lining will allow chlorinated water to corrode the steel. All accessible faces of filter lining need regular assessment.


Pumps are the engine of your system, providing design flow required to suit your pool bathing conditions. We inspect, service and refurbish all pump components.


Your system contains isolating valves throughout, to restrict, control and stop water flow. Valve seals perish over time and can eventually start to weep. We will remove and inspect all types of valves to check their condition.


Whilst most modern pools are designed with robust uPVC pipelines, they still require maintenance. Solvent welded joints can start weeping and pipework bracketry, if installed incorrectly, can damage the pipe.


Your filtration may be supported with air scouring or pneumatically operated automatic valves. We will service and maintain all blowers, compressors and receivers, to meet your insurance underwriter’s regulations.

There when you need us...

The industry guidance is for specialists to carry out the above servicing twice per annum. That’s the minimum ideally. If you don’t have the resources to look after your plant in-between preventative maintenance visits, we can tailor your contract to include more services. Just tell us what you need.

A few benefits of a service contract with F T Leisure:

  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Discounted parts and consumables
  • Technical support
  • Repairs and refurbishment services