All your underwater repair services

Don't close your pool...

If you need underwater repairs carrying out, it may not be necessary to close your pool. There is a possibility that these repairs can be carried out underwater, avoiding the need to disrupt your swim programme.

F T Leisure has teams of in-house HSE qualified diving teams, to carry out repairs to your pool tanks and ancillaries. We've approached this a little differently than other pool companies. Diving services are offered by many other companies, but they are generally commercial divers, who are learning about swimming pool systems. At F T Leisure, we've taken our skilled and experienced swimming pool engineers and taught them how to dive.

We have all the certification, equipment and experience to carry out any works to your pool tank.

Scope of services

Here's a few examples of services we offer underwater...

Tiling Surveys

An assessment of your pool tank tiling and grout, to check for erosion, cracks, sharp edges and damage.

Grille Compliance

Pool inlet and outlet grilles need to comply with BS EN 13451-3. We can assess your grilles and replace as necessary.

Moveable Floor Servicing

Underwater inspection and servicing of all moveable floors, booms and disabled access platforms.

Tile Repairs

If you have missing or damaged tiles, we can carry out patch repairs underwater, using specialist grout and adhesive.

Pool Lights

We can replace or repair underwater lights.

Pool Cleaning

We can offer a more intensive clean to your pool tank, over and above your daily vacuuming processes.

We know the rules

We’re often given the feedback that our diving services are more expensive than our competitors. There’s a reason for that. We carry out these services properly, safely and in accordance with the HSE regulations. We follow the ACOP meticulously for both non-benign and benign diving conditions.

All our divers are trained in surface-supply equipment and carry all equipment in customised diving vehicles.