Pool access is generally in 3 categories: Able-bodied access, ambulant access and disabled access.

In our Accessibility section of this website (Pool Design and Build Section) we offer our services for ambulant and disabled access systems. FT Leisure can also design, fabricate and install able-bodied pool access systems, including grab rails, bespoke balustrade, access steps and ladders.

The metalwork is generally 316L grade stainless steel, with either a mirror polished finish, brushed or bead blasted finish. The equipment will be designed to suit the customer requirements whilst also ensuring compliance with the current British Standards.

Recessed steps in pool walls are desirable as they don’t cause any protrusion into swimming lanes and don’t have the entrapment issues with runged ladders. We design, manufacture and install polypropylene recessed step units, from 2 tread to 5 tread. To ensure that the step units blend with the adjacent finishes, we offer contrast edge colours and nose detailing to suit your tiles. The steps are also designed to the latest safety standard in terms of tread depth and slip resistance.

To emphasise, we’re not offering a catalogue of standard equipment…we can fabricate to your designs.