Moveable Floor Servicing

Avoid Pool Closure

Moveable floors and bulkheads alter the geometry of your swimming pool, making it accessible for all types and levels of bather. This equipment is therefore critical to the success of your swim programme and business plan. Put quite simply, you cannot afford for these systems to fail.

Your bathers are in close contact with moveable floors and booms in the pool; they therefore need to be safe.

Our service department looks after hundreds of moveable floor and boom systems all over the UK, of all types and manufacturers. Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring that you have no problems with your system; any problems are identified in advance and rectified at a time convenient to you, with no disruption to your pool.

How we go about it

The industry norm is for Moveable floors and booms to be serviced twice per annum. Here's a brief summary of work carried out at each visit...

"Wet" Service

Our in-house HSE approved divers will examine all the underwater components, including the floor/boom structure, buoyancy, cables, pulleys, fixings, surface panels and hydraulics heads (direct drive).

In addition, we carry out a full clean of the under floor/boom area, to remove as much settled particulate as possible.

"Dry" Service

Our field service engineers will carry out an inspection of your moveable floor/boom operating systems. For hydraulic systems, we can service the hydraulic power pack, change hydraulic oil, replace filters and check over the full system.

The control system will also be calibrated, to ensure that all poolside LED displays are accurately displaying the correct depth at all times.

Refurbish and Enhance

Moveable floors and booms have perishable components. Most of these components are monitored under the preventative maintenance programme and a requirement to replace will be identified. F T Leisure carries out any moveable floor component refurbishment, whether that’s a simple seal/gasket replacement, or a full moveable floor boom system replacement.

These works can be planned in to best suit you. If the project scale means that you pool has to be closed, we will work hard to ensure this is kept to a minimum. We will act as principal contractor and will manage your site throughout the project.

We offer a free survey to all existing moveable floor and boom systems in the UK. We will produce a report on the visual condition of your system and will make recommendations for any maintenance or remedial works required.

F T Leisure Moveable Floors

We design and manufacture our own moveable floors and booms....