Our full portfolio of leisure water features can be found in the Leisure Water section. We work with our international partners that manufacture water features and rides on a lot of UK projects. However, we also have our own library of water features, that often compliment our partners’ offering.

Here’s a small sample of the products that we design and manufacture in-house:

  • Wave Machines
  • Water mushrooms
  • Spray/finger jets
  • Bubble rings
  • Bubble seats
  • Air loungers
  • Rain sprays
  • Wind simulation
  • River rapids
  • Water cannons

We can also provide bespoke features, in PVC or Stainless Steel, to meet our client requirements.

These items are manufactured in our production facility featuring the latest in fabrication technology. Our team of fabricators can manufacture the features and components and test them in-house, allowing us to demonstrate them to our customer before they are incorporated in the Leisure facility.

We are also very aware of our responsibilities to the customer to ensure the features are safe and compliant with current British Standard Health and Safety regulations. This includes designing out entrapment risks, and carefully considering locations and interactivity of features, alongside the technicalities such as water flow rates and velocities.