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Selecting the correct water treatment and filtration system is fundamental to the success of any swimming pool scheme. Bather comfort and safety in the water is of paramount importance. Each pool varies in terms of dimensions, water volume, bather loads and the chemical balance of the incoming mains water. Our design will ensure that the filtration system is efficient, the distribution system is correct and the chemical dosing systems selected will achieve the best possible water quality.

A sound design is not the only ingredient; the quality of the equipment also needs to be of a high standard to ensure operators can maintain good water quality.

Experience counts

Total compliance...

It’s very easy for a pool contractor to state that they are compliant with standards, but demonstrating compliance is a different matter. We operate in a very niche marketplace and quite often, clients don’t have the necessary skills to verify that their pool systems are compliant. Too often we see corners being cut, for commercial gain, ultimately putting the bathers at risk and accelerating technology lifecycles.

At F T Leisure, we don’t follow standards, we set them. We are actively involved in driving the quality standards of swimming pool water technology forward, through our PWTAG forum membership, BSI committees and the ASA Design Forum.

There are a limited number of specialist pool consultants in the industry; we know all their specifications and requirements inside out.


Swimming pools are expensive to run. When designing our systems, we bear this in mind and will introduce sustainability solutions throughout.

Variable Speed Drives

All our circulating pumps, feature pumps and even booster pumps are +80% efficiency and are supplied with variable speed control.

Efficient Hydraulics

To keep energy consumption as low as possible, the hydraulic design of a system needs to be efficient throughout.

Chemical Selection

The correct selection of chemicals for disinfection and ph control avoids excessive chemical use.

Pool Heating

Heat loss calculations are produced to ensure that the plate heat exchangers are a precise engineered solution.


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The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group has a major role in the treatment and quality of public and private swimming pool water.