For concrete pools, the typical approach is to design a water retaining structure, limiting the crack width in the concrete using rebar. Each joint in the structure then has a water bar product, to avoid any leaks. If this is done properly, no further waterproofing measures are required to the structure.

However, an integral part of a swimming pool is the associated pipe work, which penetrate the aforementioned water retaining structure. Whether it’s a straightforward 6 lane 25m pool or a complex leisure facility, there will be a a lot of pipe work incorporated in the pool structure and balance tank structure. In order to ensure that the structure remains “waterproof”, it is important that the waterproofing of these pipe penetrations is carefully considered.

FT Leisure have designed and developed a very robust method of waterproofing these “cast in” pipes. We manufacture the penetrations to co-ordinate precisely with the structural profile, the formwork material and any other waterproofing techniques being proposed, such as tanking membranes.

In addition to cast in penetrations, we also have a waterproofing design for core drilled penetrations, often required when refurbishing existing pools.

Over 150 new build projects and over 100 full pool refurbishments, with literally thousands of penetrations installed…..we haven’t had a leak yet.